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Blood Ties
by Warren Murphy
and Will Murray
His name was Remo and as was patiently explaining to his fellow passenger that he actually wasn't dead at all.

69.jpg (14956 bytes)The Guru of Garbage

Lyle Lavellette was known to some as Detroit's maverick genius, and to others as the biggest gasbag the auto city had ever seen. But now this golden-tongued tycoon had proved his critics wrong by producing a car that could free Americans from the oily grip of OPEC. His new car would run on compressed garbage and consign all other carmakers to the refuse heap. When a deadly assassin is sent to throw a bloody monkey wrench into Lavellette's odiferous enterprise, the Destroyer and his Oriental mentor Chiun are sent in to stop the slaying--only to find out that the name of the mysterious hit man was Remo Williams. Remo Williams? The one man the Destroyer could not destroy!

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Review: I was quite mixed on this one. The satire which makes the books so great was there, but I didn't think the interplay between Remo and Chiun was up to par. This does do some delving into Remo's past, and sets the stage for the discovery of his true family, which counts for something. All-in-all, I felt that Blood Ties was an unmemorable adventure.

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