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Sue Me
by Richard Sapir
His name was Remo and he didn't care if anyone thought he was crazy.

66.jpg (13977 bytes)Engineer of Evil

Why were airliners blowing up all over the skies? Why were buildings collapsing and motorcycles going out of control? Why was an entire city in India covered with poisonous gas--and America's greatest dam about to burst?

Because a raspy-voiced, repulsive-looking little Robert Dastrow happened to know how things worked. Worked to make millions for Palmer, Rizutto and Schwartz, the trio of insanely greedy lawyers who emplyed him. Worked to make sex-bomb rock star Debbie Pattie his performing puppet. Worked to destroy anything that tickled his fancy and anyone who troubled his plans. And that included Remo and Chiun, who for the first time met a weirdo with weapons that made theirs look weak and the world's chances of survival slim....

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Review: Another good one from Sapir. Mr. Sapir had the ability to always surprise me with the direction of his plots. This one is no exception. And while the motivations of the characters are somewhat far-fetched, he turns out a solid book with plenty of action and adventure. Sue Me is quite the page turner, and has a wholly original villain.

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