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The Sky is Falling
by Richard Sapir and William Murray
His name was Remo and he walked among the explosions.

63.jpg (14455 bytes)The Murderous Money Machine

It was hotter tahn sex. It packed a bigger punch than the H-bomb. And best of all, it was worth a sky-high pile of blue chips for the company that could make and market the machine that could tap the full energy of the sun. Chemical Concepts was the lucky firm, and its gorgeous VP Kathleen O'Donnell wasn't going to let a few glitches like maybe burning the earth to cinders or sparking a thermonuclear war keep her from milking the machine for all the billions of bucks she thought it was worth.

Only Remo and Chiun could stop this sexplosive lady executive from making the ultimate corporate killing-unless the dynamite O'Donnell used the burning power of the sun and the heavenly heat of her body to stop them first....

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Review: More big thumbs up for another great novel! The author has an uncanny knack for writing about the amazing short-sightedness and greed of corporate America, and the risks they're willing to take with the world in pursuit of the all-mighty dollar. I have no doubts that a machine which punches holes in the ozone layer would be tested and developed. Anyway, enough rants....

This one has a great supporting cast, especially Kathleen O'Donnel, a sexy sadist who gets off on other people's pain, and she loves watching Remo work. The banter between Remo and Chiun is up to snuff, all-in-all this is a great book. This also begins the best multibook subplot ever in a Destroyer novel (which I credit to Mr. Murray, although I could be wrong), the treasure of Sinanju is stolen by the evil North Koreans!

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