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Missing Link
by Warren Murphy

His name was Remo and he was going to do something about pollution in America.

39.jpg (15211 bytes)Beer for Breakfast

That's how the brother-in-law of the President of the United States started his day. Beer was his food, his fuel, and his future, if not his finale.

His sudsy philosophy immersed him in continuing controversy, embarrassed the White House, and made him a media personality. It also got him some very lucrative consulting jobs for foreign governments.

Like the Libyans. They wanted his help in obtaining plutonium...For peaceful purposes, of course...a Holy War against Israel being the furthest thing from their minds.

Suddenly good old Buddy-Jack is missing. And the list of suspects seems endless. America's number-one beer drinker is finally muzzled. But by whom? The Bad Guys or the Good Guys? Terrorists or patriots? The Libyans or the Israelis? The Secret Service of the Mafia? The Destroyer?

A Case for CURE

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Review: I can just barely remember Billy Beer, so much of the jabs at Billy Carter probably go over my head. This adventure is horribly dated, but still keeps you guessing as to who kidnapped the president's bother-in-law. I thought that the interaction between Chiun and Remo was substandard. All-in-all, I'd call this an average outing. 

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