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Killer Chromosomes
by Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy
His name was Remo and the man was throwing a punch at him.

32.jpg (13287 bytes)The Lady or the Tiger?

What happens when a lady scientist discovers a "key" to the manipulation of genetic patterns that keep different species from intermingling?

The lady becomes a tiger--of the man-eating variety. She is wild, beautiful, and deadly. And she soon decides that she must share her sinister secret with other women. The lovely killer genes multiply geometrically...and so does the fatality rate. The country becomes littered with chewed-up bodiues. All men.

Enter Remo and Chiun--The Destroyer--the only weapon against this carniverous cutie. Handsome Remo, fast on the chase becomes her prisoner--her love slave. Conspiracy and criminality fall into Remo's usual area of operation. Genetic warfare and animalistic passions are something else again. Especially when the enemy looks like a Playboy centerfold!

So, as REmo is about to choose between going down in flames or up in smoke, Chiun sees a way to preserve the integrity of man's chromosomes, and stay alive...something to do with an ancient Korean proverb about knowing which tale of the tiger to take!

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Review: I read this novel fairly early in my Destroyer collecting days and enjoyed it immensely. The were-tigers were a deadly foe, and Murphy and Sapir managed to "power down" Remo enough to make this a life-or-death struggle. I had hoped that Will Murray would bring these villains back, like he did the Master and so many other early villains.

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