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Death Check
by Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy
His name was Remo and the gymnasium was dark with only speckles of light coming from the ceiling-high windows where minute paint bubble had burst shortly after workmen had applied the first layer of black.

2.jpg (16493 bytes)To Know is to Die!

The Brewster Forum, one of America's think-tanks, an innocent-appearing collection of intellectuals and scientists involved in super-cerebral research projects. One of their more interesting secret studies is the drafting of a game-plan to control the world.

CURE, the agency that doesn't exist. They assign their man who doesn't exist--the Destroyer--to scramble the Brewster plan, or to eliminate the think-tank that thought too much.

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Review: Sapir and Murphy continue to play with the mixture of characters and other elements, searching for that elusive something. This novel was a step in the wrong direction. Remo is even more like a "James Bond" superagent; Chiun is nowhere to be seen (except in flashback); and the story is full of cliched elements. A generally lackluster Destroyer novel. Don't worry, they get better...

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